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SANA aims to empower the South Asian Community and make the actuarial profession more inclusive

Our Mission

Establish a strong network of current and aspiring South Asian actuaries worldwide and provide professional advancement opportunities, early actuarial education support, and broader community upliftment.

How Can We Help?

Students and Career Changers

Do you excel in math? Do you enjoy problem solving and are searching for a career where you can apply those skills? Does a career with life-long learning excite you? Have you considered the actuarial career path? Did you say ‘who/what is an Actuary? We can answer any questions you may have about the profession.

Current Actuarial Professionals

SANA is not just for attracting fresh talent into the actuarial profession. Our goal is to also enhance and uplift those who are already in the actuarial profession. We aim to build a community of actuaries from all backgrounds and career levels who can help each other progress. SANA aims to provide networking opportunities, mentorship, and other career enhancing services to our members and allies. Connect with us by simply sending us a message.

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