South Asian Network of Actuaries (SANA) was created for attracting South Asian talent into actuarial career path, and for the upliftment of south asian actuaries. We noticed that actuaries of South Asian background were underrepresented when compared to the world population and US population of South Asian descent. Amongst South Asians, There are quite a few who attend college dreaming to be an engineer, doctor, or computer programmer. However, percentage of actuarial aspirants are significantly lower. This was a call to action and we answered and SANA formed as a result.


Actuaries are in demand and it requires a tremendous amount of discipline and dedication to be a fully credentialed actuary. Our goal is to help you attain this distinction and make the actuarial profession better by bringing in diverse perspectives.

Who Are We?

Ritu Jain, Founder


How We Got Started?

Our co founders, Ritu and Shruti, both actuaries with South Asian descent  had navigated various challenges of their career path by themselves, especially those that come with lack of diversity, like many before them. Being South Asian, given the quantitative nature of the discipline, it seemed rather ironic that the percentage of South Asians has stayed rather low. It clicked instantly that this was due to lack of awareness. Hence, SANA was created - a place for current and aspiring actuaries to find support, network with fellow actuaries and spread awareness within the community.

Shruti Gupta,
Co Founder

Our Mission

Establish a strong network of current and aspiring South Asian actuaries worldwide and provide professional advancement opportunities, early actuarial education support, and broader community upliftment


Our Workstreams

SANA is dedicated to helping the actuarial community and provides hands on support. Every member is encouraged to join a multiple work streams to help us with our mission.

Our Timeline