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Shruti Gupta

Shruti is a near-ASA from the Society of Actuaries. She is on a mission to help young actuaries build a successful actuarial career. Training to become an Actuary, she has a unique 14-year background in trading, teaching, and insurance industry. She is a mother of 2 kids (5 and 8 years). Her journey has been particularly tough juggling work, family, and exams but her will power and her love for math kept her going. She is the co-founder of SANA, South Asian Network of Actuaries, which is an organization focused at creating a strong network of South Asian actuaries worldwide and aims at providing professional and educational support. Shruti completed her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from India. She started her actuarial career after she got married and moved to Australia in 2008. She started taking exams while teaching in Monash University and working with AIA Australia as a valuation actuarial associate. She is currently working with KPMG and has gained knowledge of various insurance products like Life Insurance, Long Term Care and Annuities and worked in different actuarial area like Valuation, Pricing and Modeling. After living in India, Australia, and USA and 14 years of work experience, she believes to excel in your actuarial career, you need to have more than just your actuarial knowledge (and passing exams) – you need both leadership and communication skills

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